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Feasibility Study and Related Resources


 Provided on this page are documents and resources as they relate to the feasibility of a new Gardendale City School System. Up                                      until recently these documents could be found on the Gardendale City Hall website and many of them provide valuable information                                used in ascertaining aspects of the new city school system. This site will be updated as more information is provided as it relates to                              the Gardendale City Schools.


Financial Feasibility Report 05-14-2013
Dr. Ira Harvey

Review of Financial Feasibility Report
10-10-2013, Dr. Ira Harvey

CRI Budget Gardendale Schools
Scenario 1

CRI Budget Gardendale Schools
Scenario 2

Community Input Document
Gardendale City Schools

Economic Impact Analysis
Dr. Keivan Deravi

City Ordinance 2014-007