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Friday, August 11, 2017



The Gardendale Board of Education filed its response brief to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals today, a full three weeks earlier than required, in hopes that this will help expedite the case moving forward. The Gardendale community has patiently waited for far too long to be able to operate its own schools and today’s filing marks another important milestone moving one step closer to operating the Gardendale City School System. 


In the court filings, which are publicly available on the Gardendale Board of Education web site ( www.gardendalecityschools.com ) our attorneys make it crystal clear that there is no violation of any laws or regulations which would prevent the operation of a Gardendale City School System for all grades K-12, and that characterizing Gardendale as anything other than an open and inclusive community is flatly wrong. Further, the filings reinforce that Gardendale’s efforts to operate its own schools do not in any way conflict with anyone’s constitutional rights.


The Gardendale community continues to stand firm in its resolve to begin operation of Gardendale City Schools just as many other cities have done throughout Alabama and the nation.


The Board is deeply honored to serve the residents of Gardendale and joins everyone affected with high anticipation to see this become a reality for our community and our school children. 



Submitted respectfully by the Gardendale City School System Board 



 Final Order Issued by Federal Court
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