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Tuesday September 12, 2017



Statement from the President, Gardendale Board of Education


Once again, the city of Gardendale and the Gardendale Board of Education has been the subject of various news organization’s articles. Some of these articles make assertions and claims about our city and our Board which are flatly false.

As we’ve stated time and time again, Gardendale is an open and welcoming community with a desire to provide an outstanding education to every student we serve. We are eager to get about the business of educating students and are, as you might suspect, looking forward to the day when the Appellate Court makes a favorable ruling for the operation of a K-12 school system by Gardendale City Schools Board of Education.

While hyperbole and sensationalized headlines often get the attention of some, I can assure that this Board is comprised of individuals of the highest integrity whose motives are pure and whose aims are solely to complete the task given to us by the City Council – establishing a world-class educational system for the children of Gardendale.  

We will continue to press on in our efforts, and want to proactively partner with members of the community to prepare to operate our system. We hope that members of the community will engage with us in the coming months as we hold community listening sessions and public meetings to hear your ideas for providing an optimal education system for our students. We will continue to provide the community with updates as they become available and encourage individuals to monitor our website at http://www.gardendalecityschools.com/ and our Facebook Page.   We ask for your prayers as we lead the community in this work.


Thank you,

Dr. Michael Hogue

President, Gardendale Board of Education




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