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December 14, 2017

 Attorneys for the Gardendale Board of Education presented their Oral Argument today, Thursday, December 14th before the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. The three Federal Court Justices hearing the argument, charged now with the final task of delivering the Opinion, are Raymond C. Clevenger III, Bill Pryor, and Jill Pryor. We anticipate that it will take the Court several weeks to render their Opinion. It is our sincere hope that this will be the final phase in the legal battle for the establishment of the Gardendale City Schools System.

All court filings are publicly available on the Gardendale Board of Education web site at www.gardendalecityschools.com. An audio file of the Oral Argument will be provided on this site once it is available from the 11th Circuit. The Board continues to have confidence and highly anticipates the Gardendale City School system becoming a reality for the greater community and our school children. We will continue to keep you apprised as additional information is received and decisions are made. 

Submitted respectfully by The Gardendale City School System Board

 Final Order Issued by Federal Court
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