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Wednesday, May 10, 2017


In today’s conference with the Court, we gained a better understanding of the Court’s previous ruling that allows the Gardendale City School System to begin operating its elementary schools this fall.

Our residents believe that what Gardendale has asked for here is the same as what other municipal school systems in this state have desired: a better education for children. Now Gardendale will be able to operate its own system and make progress toward being allowed to operate all four schools in the city. We have already begun working with the county to ensure a smooth transition of the elementary schools to the new system.

 Looking ahead, we continue to have faith that the middle school and high school will one day be part of the new school system and that they will thrive with the continued support of those who made this possible.

Gardendale is a diverse and welcoming community, and we are grateful for our city leaders, our school board, and the countless number of patient Gardendale residents who continue to work hard to create better opportunities for students.

-The Gardendale Board of Education



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